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The Star That Never Walks Around
A Native American Tarot Package
by Stella Bennett

The Star That Never Walks Around - 7 Chariot This set will immediately appeal to those tarot enthusiasts who prefer quiet, uncomplicated artwork and a subtle spiritual approach. The gentleness of the drawings speaks clearly of a simple wisdom that awaits within the cards. While remaining true to a traditional tarot format, The Star That Never Walks Around honors nature, animals, and Native American spirituality.

The Star That Never Walks Around consists of 78 cards, and is organized into the Major Arcana, and the four suits named Thunderbirds (Wands/Fire), Frogs (Cups/Water), Butterflies (Swords/Air), and Turtles (Pentacles/Earth). Although Bennett renamed the suits of the Minor Arcana, the cards of the Major Arcana and the Court cards have kept their standard titles. The author had initially hired someone to do the artwork for her, but later realized she could do the images herself. Her pictures have innocence - they are beautiful and lovely. Cards feature Native Americans involved in traditional arts and activities, reminiscent of 19th century Plains Indian lifestyle. There are many animals in the cards, who either appear singularly as guides, or who accompany people to illustrate important concepts. Each card has been well thought-out, its meanings represented by a unique image.

The Star That Never Walks Around - Nine of Thunderbirds The book is written in a quiet, calm voice. It is devoid of hype, and even enthusiasm for the tarot is understated. Card explanations are interesting, as they teach about the author's culture and heritage, and aptly apply them to tarot. Card interpretations could be a bit more involved. The cards require a patient introduction; as if they are a spirit in themselves, they will open up and share their insights over time.

The cards are round, to represent a closeness to Mother Earth, and Bennett offers a thorough and easy way of incorporating all tilted positions into readings. Elements and astrological correspondences are given to the cards as well, for those who enjoy reading with them. Bennett's introduction to the tarot is concise, and shares her individual approach, with sections on numerology, keywords, ethics, fortune telling, asking questions, shuffling, and timing. She provides five spread ideas, which are mainly traditional and straightforward.

This is a very useable set, and it feels solid - like it has been around a while, perhaps because of the experience Bennett has drawn from, or because of the self-confidence with which she uses tarot. It has no pretense, but it does have power.

What is most unique and compelling about The Star That Never Walks Around is its very personal voice and vision. This could be said about many tarot sets, but Stella Bennett's tarot has trust - she very openly and honestly shares her understanding of tarot, as well as the Native American wisdom she grew up with. She has not tried to make her cards fit anyone else's idea of what a Native American tarot should be: she is Native American, and she has been reading tarot for over fifty years. The result of her efforts is not an attempt to be something - it simply, already is. Bennett's creative sincerity and her individual insight into tarot and Native American heritage, make this a very special set. The Star That Never Walks Around shines with a brightness as guiding as the North Star it is named for.

The Star That Never Walks Around - Ace of Butterflies The Star That Never Walks Around - IV Emperor The Star That Never Walks Around - King of Turtles

Card artwork by Stella Bennett

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The Star That Never Walks Around

Tarot review by Nellie Levine

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