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Original Tarot Spread: The Truth of the Matter

The Truth of the Matter Original Tarot Spread I created this spread recently when I was having a very difficult time deciding whether to continue ahead with a large project, or to call it quits. I needed to determine just how good it was for me to continue; whether it was healthy or detrimental, and especially what effect it had on my spiritual life. It takes into consideration many important factors, and can easily be applied to jobs, career changes, relationships, moves, and other major decisions.
Uses 12 cards

Cards One through Five determine the effects the situation is having on the querent. You can place a plus or a minus sign next to particularly positive or negative cards when you record this reading. It might help you to see how the situation is affecting you on various levels, and determine if and how you can change these things.

How is this situation affecting me ...
Card One: in mundane or obvious ways
Card Two: on an emotional level
Card Three: spiritually
Card Four: karmically (have I veered from an important path, etc.)
Card Five: in my relationships

Cards Six and Seven show what your true motivations are in this situation, and also pinpoint your aspirations. See if these line up. If they don't, you might need to look elsewhere to pursue your aspirations. Also, don't be surprised if your motivations seem negative or self-serving, while your aspirations seem positive and selfless. If this is the case, again, it might be time to look elsewhere.

What are my ...
Card Six: true motivations
Card Seven: real aspirations

Cards Nine and Ten deal with ...
Card Nine: past actions
Card Ten: future events

Pay special attention to Cards Eight and Eleven. These cards offer crucial advice.

What do I ...
Card Eight: need most now

What should I ...
Card Eleven: learn now

And essentially ...
Card Twelve: is this situation good or bad for me?
Do not reveal Card Twelve until all other cards have been studied. First, reflect on the rest of the reading. Does it feel like this situation is good for you? You will probably have your answer before you reveal Card Twelve. But, Card Twelve can also show you factors that haven't appeared yet in the spread. It might correlate with emotions, spirituality, or relationships; some issue of more importance than the rest. Take the whole reading into consideration; don't rely on this one card alone, even though it will show you whether this situation is essentially good or bad for you.

Original tarot spread by Nellie Levine

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