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Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck
by Francene Hart

Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck - 27 - High Tide One of the things I remember most vividly about my mother, who died when I was five years old, was that she kept a collection of crystals hanging in our kitchen window. She loved the patterns of colored light that played on the walls, on the white oven, on the tiled floor. This was magical to me, unexplained, and so, mysterious. Around my house I found other shapes - a beautiful nautilus shell my father kept on a shelf, the patterns printed in red and white on a paper box from China, the spiral design of a pinecone. When we are children, these shapes appear everywhere. We haven't forgotten to notice them, and we haven't yet stopped discovering what they feel like to us inside.

As adults, we recreate patterns, sometimes with great intention, sometimes without an awareness of what we are doing. Throughout many religious traditions there have been expressions of spirit represented in mandalas, medicine wheels, magic circles, and so forth. What do these shapes signify, that they find their way into our deepest pursuits?

Francene Hart, author and artist of Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck, has studied the meaning of shapes and investigated why they hold so much power to us. She has created works of beauty around specific shapes that draw forth their spiritual meaning.
"Most recently, other geometric shapes began to appear in my artwork, layered within the themes of nature and spirit, which have been my primary motifs. I explored them intuitively at first, knowing that intuition is one of my greatest teachers. I soon discovered that various geometric patterns hold within them wisdom and insight far beyond the simple construction of line and arc. This was not just artist's ego projecting pretty patterns and images. This was information coming from an infinitely greater source."
She explains how her studies into sacred geometry led her "on a tour of world cultures, ancient and modern." She discovered that the study of sacred geometry was a profound path, one that brought together ancient wisdom and modern technology - spirit and science. It also bridges the right and left brain, and leads one to an intuitive understanding that the universe is a "multidimensional interconnected whole."

Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck - 33 - Seed of Life Hart concisely answers the question, "What is Sacred Geometry?" She says, "It is the study of shape and form, wave and vibration, and moving beyond third-dimensional reality. It is the 'new science of compassion.' It is the language of creation, which exists as the foundation of all matter, and it is a vehicle of spirit." Additionally, Hart explains, sacred geometry offers us an effective avenue for healing, growth, and balance.

Hart's writing is gentle and quiet, but it strongly and directly makes its point. From her we can learn easily, and through her words we can trust we will receive a positive result for our work with the oracle. Everything is well explained, with a sense of patience and understanding. There is no rushing with this set. Emotions are calmed, the mind is opened.

Every card (there are 64) receives two full pages: one page holds a black and white image of the card, and the second page offers a full explanation, interpretation, and reversed meaning. There is a comprehensive range of meanings in these cards, offering the many experiences (spiritual, emotional, even physical) we might encounter in our lives. There is a stronger focus on the spiritual. This oracle is intended for self-development, although it could certainly be used for more mundane divination.

The cards themselves are beautiful. Some are truly outstanding. The colors are generally soft. The lines and patterns are striking. Hart has done a terrific job bringing shapes - or sacred geometry - to life (to spirit!). There are cards that simply detail a specific shape; there are cards that combine a scene within or around a shape. Also, be assured, these images are not limited to "simple" shapes, or ones that we might immediately expect, such as the circle, or octagon. Hart examines sacred geometry by utilizing the forms of these shapes as they transform and expand. Thus, we have not only an octagon, but octahedron; the circle becomes the mandala and the tzolkin, and a place beyond time. Designs are inspired by Mayan timekeeping, Native American spirituality, Jewish mysticism, Tibetan wisdom, and a deep love of nature. These cards are more complex than they might first appear. From that seed of childlike wonder we experience when recognizing a shape in nature, these cards transport us to a far greater understanding of the interconnectedness in life.

For readings, these cards are deeply intuitive and effective. With these cards we go within, and then in turn - blossom outwardly. That is the feeling I get anyway! More "New Age" than some decks, I imagine this set will appeal more to New Age types, or people who are looking for a lighter (in color and energy), more subtle, positive divination tool. It will help people learn about themselves, and how they connect with the rest of the universe.

Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck - 39 - Fruit of Life Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck - 61 - Wise Friend Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck - 64 - Love and Power

Card artwork by Francene Hart

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Deck review by Nellie Levine

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