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Dharma Deck
Wisdom from the Vedas ~ A Set of 52 Enlightenment Cards
Photography by Laksmi

Dharma Deck - Women Sometimes I like to divine with books. I silently word my question, become receptive, open my chosen book intuitively, and from the passage my eyes fall upon first, I collect an answer for contemplation. I have done this with sacred texts or books on religion, works of philosophy (William Barrett's "Irrational Man" has proven quite effective), and even plays and fiction. Many times I have used the Bhagavad Gita or the Upanishads; they are probably the books I have turned to most often for such divinatory explorations. Though I adhere to no particular religious path, the wisdom of India causes a shift to occur within me - that inevitably creates more room for joy and peace.

The Dharma Deck seems to be made for people like me - people who benefit from the wisdom and religious teachings of India, and who also enjoy working with cards. The fifty-two cards of the Dharma Deck are illustrated with striking black and white photographs from India. The images include landscapes, architecture, animals, nature, and people of every age. They represent the spiritual culture of India, and show people working, traveling, loving, praying, and learning. The title of each card appears against the photo in a coppery metallic gold. This gold ink decorates the backside of each card as well, where the title is repeated and accompanied by a passage. Passages have been selected from the Bhagavad Gita, the Mahabharata, the Upanishads, instructional texts and stories, and the teachings of Swami B.R. Sridhar, and other historical and contemporary spiritual masters.

Dharma Deck - Women In their simplest use, the cards offer ethical and spiritual suggestions, advice for wise living. However, many of the cards offer deeper meanings, and may be contemplated for hours or days in order to fully comprehend their messages. In this way, the Dharma Deck may become a valuable device in one's spiritual path, serving to offer timely guidance. These cards may provide true divination - a seeking that goes straight to the divine, and speaks in beauty.

It is suggested that the cards be meditated on for "spiritual inspiration" or given to friends and family to "help them remember the important things in life." My own suggestion would be to use them for self-illumination, and for others by offering readings of a distinctly spiritual and enlightening nature. In sharing the wisdom from the cards, the dharma is passed on.

The cards measure 4"x4" and come packaged in an attractive, sturdy box.

All of the gods reside where women are properly honored. Where they are disrespected, all actions are in vain. The Code of Manu

As fire lights the wood it consumes, so the soul illuminates the body with consciousness. Srimad Bhagavatam

Dharma Deck - Consciousness Dharma Deck - Consciousness

Card artwork by Laksmi

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Deck review by Nellie Levine

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